Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines's Day 2015

Every bird cannot dance. 
But peacock do it. 
Every friend can not reach my heart. 
But you did it.
Every Flower can not express love. 
But Rose do it.
Happy lovely valentine’s day.

It’s important to know symbols of different roses with colors, so you should better understanding at what occasion which rose color would be suitable. Here is the list for your consideration:
  • Black Rose I wish no boy give this rose to any girl as it hurts, this is a symbol of saying good bye, boycott or its all over!
  • White Rose- It’s a symbol of deep respect, true love, honesty, purity of mind, and peaceful person. White rose can be presented to friends, or as get well soon gifts.
  • Coral Rose- Deep Desire
  • Blue Roses- Mystery and attraction towards someone.
  • Pink rose- It represents soft and gentle feelings of love.
  • Purple- protection for the loved ones, it should be presented by husbands to their wives occasionally.
  • Yellow Rose – Some people says yellow roses symbolizes one’s inner hatred feelings for other but it’s not true, Yellow rose represent Friendship.
  • Orange Rose- Enthusiasm
  • Dark Pink Rose – Shows gratitude. If ever you are being thankful for someone’s good act to you, then Dark pink roses could be best present.
  • Pink and white Roses- contentment and joys
  • Light Pink- Symbolizes sympathy, appreciation and admiration.
  • Yellow with red Tip Roses- Falling in love or having passion of friendship.
  • Peach Roses- Excitement
  • Red and white Together – represents unity
  • Burgundy Roses- symbol of Beauty
  • Lilac Rose- It shows love at first sight
and my most favorite color and rose …..
Red Rose – Deep Love and True Passion